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        • Huakang’s R&D Center has equipment and laboratories that are cutting-edge. We vigorously develop environmentally friendly polyol manufacturing technology and functional polyol products beneficial to people’s health.
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        • Our center has many scientific research platforms, made up of Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang High-tech Research and Development Center, Zhejiang Huakang Polyol Research Institute, Polyol Technological Application and Research Center, Academician Zheng Yuguo Workstation, Zhejiang Postdoctoral Research Station, etc.
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        • Our testing center is well-equipped with advanced instruments such as gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, infrared absorption spectrometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, Karl Fischer moisture meter, polarimeter, melting point meter, etc.
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        We manufacture D-xylose, xylitol and many other products
        About Huakang
        Healthy living
        To become a Global Leader in Polyols
        Huakang is a leading expert of functional polyol and starch sugar, as well as a pioneer of research, production and sales.